Tommaso Schiuma

It’s in my genes, I have roamed around my father’s carpentry workshop, ever since I was a child.  I successfully attended a cabinet-making school in Piedmont in 1998, where I learned woodworking techniques: carpentry, inlay, model making, and studied History of Design, Interior Architecture, CAD software, Wood Technology, with professors from the Polytechnic of Turin.

I have attended a Workshop organized by the Polytechnic of Milan and worked for the Open Design School.

I am currently a teacher at the Design School of Matera.

My products result from my will to tell stories that are sometimes interwoven with the local land and its traditional production techniques; some other times, these stories are all about the modern world. The design process is what makes my objects essential, their handcrafted soul, though, is a tribute to genuine values.

I personally supervise the whole process: from design to distribution.

I also design private and public interiors such as bars, restaurants, hotels and apartments.

As for objects, each project results from a tale, a concept elaborating the story of a place or a trade, with the purpose to have simple and essential environments and furniture but rich in values.